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Marketplace Software as a Service

Your no-code, ready-made Marketplace solution. 

Be Part of the World’s Fastest Growing Industry

Research predicts that the existing $3 billion market size will reach $211 billion by 2030. There’s no better time than now to enter the NFT space.

White Label Marketplace SaaS
Helps You to Succeed

Our white label NFT marketplace platform allows you to create your own customized NFT marketplace without paying large upfront fees. 

Optimized NFT Marketplace
No Coding Required

Get started without the stress of smart contract coding, back- and front-end development, or blockchain integration. 

Best Selling Products
Flexible Pricing Options

From free to paid options, we give everyone the chance to pursue an NFT business, regardless of your budget. 

Expert Support
User-Friendly Interface

Our solution features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and use the marketplace.

Mobile and SEO friendly
Advanced Search

With an advanced search and filtering functionality, users will easily be able to find the NFTs that they are looking for.

Niche Research
Customizable Commission Structure

You can customize the commission structure to suit your business needs, helping you to maximize your profits.

100% Ownership
Secure and Reliable Technology

Our platform is built on top of a robust and secure technology stack, ensuring that your marketplace will be fast and reliable.

How it Works

Pick a Plan

Select the plan that best suits your needs and place your order.


Connect your Metamask, and add your name, logo, URL, and more to customise your marketplace.

Publish Your Marketplace

Your Marketplace is live! 🎉

Start Your NFT Business

Spread the word, create your marketing campaigns, and start earning money!

Enjoy these Features

Low Cost, Big Opportunities

The average cost for NFT marketplace development is around $70,000. Our white label NFT marketplace service enables you to sidestep the costs associated with building an NFT marketplace from scratch, so you can set up your business with no large upfront costs and look forward to a profitable future. 

Quick Launch

With a pre-made white label NFT marketplace, you won’t have to wait long before it goes live. In fact, it can take as little as a couple of minutes to customize and launch your own NFT marketplace. 

Affiliate Program Support

A built-in affiliate program is included to promote your marketplace, drive more sales, and give your business a boost.


Our platform can handle a large volume of transactions and accommodate growth as the market expands.

Integrated payment processing

Seamless integration with popular payment gateways to process transactions securely and efficiently. COMING SOON.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT Marketplace SaaS and how does it work?

NFT Marketplace SaaS is a platform that creates white label NFT marketplaces to let you start, grow, and manage your own NFT business without coding knowledge or large startup cost. With over 50,000 imported real NFTs, your marketplace is ready to go. All you need to do is handle the marketing. 

Our platform also gives you the opportunity to list and mint NFTs, and promote the site with built-in affiliate marketing support to increase traffic and sales.

Do I need coding knowledge to use NFT Marketplace SaaS?

No, you don’t need any coding knowledge whatsoever to use NFT Marketplace SaaS. All features and functions are provided in our user-friendly dashboard, so you can get started without the stress of smart contract coding, back- and front-end development, or blockchain integration. 

How do I get started?

To get started, you will need a domain, email address, and a MetaMask wallet. 

Which plan should I choose?

It depends on your business goals and financial situation. If you’d like to get started without paying upfront fees, the Light Plan is an excellent choice. However, bear in mind that you won’t have as much control over customization and NFT listings with the free plan. 

The Premium Plan is the perfect choice if you’d like to have more control over customization, including website features and pricing. 

When will I get my NFT Marketplace?

With a pre-made white label NFT marketplace, you won’t have to wait long before it goes live. In fact, it can take as little as several minutes to customize and launch your own NFT marketplace. 

Choose Your Plan

Get Your White Label NFT Marketplace Now




Everything you need to start your own NFT Marketplace business and start earning money.
Featuring over 100,000 real NFTs
Continuous automatic NFT import
NFT minting, lazy minting, listing, and offers
NFTs with royalties
Integrated messaging, notification & affiliate system
Delivery time: Instant
Forever free


White Label Marketplace


Per month
Level up your NFT business with customizable features and the option to set your own fees.
All features from the ‘Light’ plan, and more:
NFTs with unlockable content (text/files)
Multiple menu + homepage options
Custom fee structure
Modular orderbooks
Complete control over featured NFTs
Delivery time: Instant
Recurring monthly payment. Cancel anytime.


Fully deployed marketplace with real NFTs (automatic NFT import)
Over 100,000 NFTs already listed
Mint, lazy mint, and list NFTs for a fixed fee, or offer
NFTs with royalties
NFTs with unlockable content (text/files)
Modular homepage with hero, featured, explore & collection sections
Enable/disable sections
Choose your own hero & featured NFTs
4 orderbooks
Select the orderbooks you want to display on your marketplace
Integrated affiliate system
Enable/disable the creator referrer program and/or buyer referrer program
Integrated messaging system
Integrated notification system
Custom fee structure (choose your own marketplace + affiliate fees)
Additional fee option (e.g. for a Manager)
User & owner back-end
Light & dark theme
Marketplace revenue2%Custom
Service fee7.5% (incl. affiliate commission)2% (affiliate commission not included)

Become an Affiliate

Not ready to start an NFT Marketplace just yet? Become an affiliate instead and get paid to promote! It’s simple, easy, and free to join. Receive a 20% lifetime current base commission for every sale.

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